Grantee FAQ

Q. Who should apply for a grant from the IOLA Fund?
The IOLA Fund generally gives priority to programs that already receive IOLA grant funds. However, the Trustees encourage applications from other programs engaged in the provision of civil legal services if the need, client population, or geographic area that it serves is not addressed by existing programs. The Trustees also encourage applications from innovative programs that help expand access to equal justice for poor persons.

If you wish to apply for future IOLA funding, review the Regulations of the Trustees. You may wish to contact the Fund’s Executive Director before completing an application to discuss whether your organization’s mission, focus and activities meet the IOLA Fund’s grant program requirements.

Q. Which grants program would I qualify for?
The Civil Legal Services Program funds organizations that provide direct civil legal services in multiple areas of poverty law (for example, housing, family, public benefits) to poor persons residing in a particular geographic area. Please consult the IOLA Fund’s Regional Unit Map and Census Information and the Current Eligibility Guidelines. You may also contact IOLA staff at 646-865-1541 for guidance.

The Administration of Justice Grants Program funds organizations that fall in one of the following four categories: you provide legal services principally through the pro bono model; your program provides direct civil legal services to a particular demographic group such as domestic violence victims, the disabled, the elderly, homeless persons, immigrants and others; your program provides training, technical assistance or other supportive services to civil legal services providers; your program provides legal or support services through the innovative use of technology.

Q. When is the deadline for submitting a grant application?
The deadline varies. Please monitor the State Contract Reporter and Grants Gateway. 

Q. Who makes grant decisions?
All decisions about grants are made by the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

Q. When are grant awards announced?
Generally, grants are announced within 90 days of the application deadline.

Q. How can I get questions answered about the application process?
During the grant-making period (which begins when the application is released and ends when the grants are announced), all questions must be submitted in writing according to the instructions set forth in the application. At all other times, the Fund will accept telephone inquiries.